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I'm a journaler. I like to journal about life, love and my Lord. I also love technology but busyness keeps me from being as tech-savvy as I'd like to be. This blog gives me a chance to play computer and learn a few new tricks along the way; all the while serving as my 21st century journal. A journaler is just a writer by another name and writing defines me almost as much as my faith does. I've always had a desire to blend my faith and my writing into a ministry of encouragement. This blog gives birth to that desire. Be blessed as you read these weekly devotions taken from the pages of my old-fashioned journal.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

November - Simple Pleasures

In my pursuit of contentment in 2016 I find I have been making the effort to slow down long enough to notice the little things again. The things I've always called life's simple pleasures. These are the things that make me smile, laugh out loud or simply sigh in utter contentment. It's good. I like the feeling. In my effort to practice the discipline of contentment I am choosing to keep a record of the simple pleasures that captivate me over each month of this year. I will share them here each month as a way to revisit those delicious moments in time; to remind myself that true contentment doesn't come from having it all but from realizing all that I do have. 
1. The fresh white of early snowfalls blanketing the world.
2. Cat Cuddles
3. Busy days that end well.
4. An unbroken night's sleep.
5. Reliving special moments through pictures.
6. Memories
7. Fisherman's Brewis with Homemade Pickles
8. When Hubby cooks the Fisherman's Brewis! :)
9. Christmas shopping - especially for that one meaningful gift.
10. An unexpected message on the answering machine left by a special friend.
11. Time for "us."
12. Saturday's second cuppa joe!
13. Laughter
14. Kindness - Given & Received
15. Filling a Shoebox for Operation Christmas Child
16. When the familiar Bible stories still make an impact on my heart after all these years. Truly God's Word is living and active and profitable.
17. Morning coffee time with Hubby.
18. Reconnecting with old friends.
19. Sunny day road trips.
20. Visiting the grandkids.
21. Getting EVERYTHING on my note in one shopping trip.
22. A really good sale.
23. Playing blocks with a grandkid.
24. A November jaunt to the beach.
25. Sour Candy
26. Pushing a baby stroller.
27. Solving a problem.
28. Morning PJ Coffee with my Daughter.
29. Family Suppers
30. Coffee Cake
31. Surprises
32. An afternoon spent crafting with friends.
33. Early morning prayer times.
34. Cleansing tears that bring relief.
35. Anticipation
36. Feeling Gods strength in times of challenge.
37. Knowing I'm loved.
38. Baby Giggles
39. Reaching out in the middle of a long dark night and feeling hubby's solid frame near by. I never want to take this for granted for as long as I am blessed to experience it. Thank God for nearly 32 years of this comfort to date.
40. The drive up the great northern trail that yields evidence of God's creation. This time it was a pod of whales frolicking in the Straits - in November no less! Oh yes and a matched pair of eagles sitting primly on an outcropping of rock and their majestic flight to the heights when we stopped to watch. Truly pleasurable moments.
41. Fresh Apples
42. Enjoying meals prepared by my children.
43. The gift of sweet bread in anticipation of Christmas.
44. Getting organized.
45. The Smell of Gingerbread Baking

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Christmas Giveaway Time at Joyful Reflections

This year's Christmas giveaway is a book a week - randomly selected - beginning November 21 until I post my Christmas message on Joyful Reflections. This year I have posted a monthly selection of some of my life's Simple Pleasures. To enter your name for the draw each week all you have to do is comment below - in the comment section - telling me one of your life's Simple Pleasures. For a sampling you can peek at mine. Winners will be announced weekly!

Week One Winner - Gloria Eddison. Congratulations, Gloria, your book is on the way and Merry Christmas!

Simple Pleasures is our focus for this year's give-away. If you have already participated feel free to do so again. Maybe this time you would like to share some Christmas sweet treat that is a simple pleasure to make or enjoy!