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I'm a journaler. I like to journal about life, love and my Lord. I also love technology but busyness keeps me from being as tech-savvy as I'd like to be. This blog gives me a chance to play computer and learn a few new tricks along the way; all the while serving as my 21st century journal. A journaler is just a writer by another name and writing defines me almost as much as my faith does. I've always had a desire to blend my faith and my writing into a ministry of encouragement. This blog gives birth to that desire. Be blessed as you read these weekly devotions taken from the pages of my old-fashioned journal.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Cabin #3 just made day one of vacation smile-filled. Here’s why…

So a funny thing happened on the way to the cottage but first let me explain why it was so significant at all. I have wanted a burnt orange Adirondack chair ever since the colored variety became all the rage. Every time I make an attempt to get one something prevents it – bad timing, sold out, no way to get it home, etc. So, at the point of this story I still don’t have one and that is a significant detail.

So we check in, get the key and head to our cottage and I spot it right away; sitting on the deck is a burnt orange Adirondack chair of the exact variety I desire. The other chair is a non-descript taupe. “Look Wayne, the Lord even gave me my burnt orange chair” I said and we chuckled at the “coincidence.” Later in the evening we went for a walk around the grounds. We passed all six cottages on our trek and something niggled at the edges of my brain – like there was some detail I was missing. I backed up to take another look and this time I got it. Every other Adirondack chair on every other deck was that non-descript taupe and slightly different in shape from “my chair.” It was an absolute Go-moment as I realized that the cottage that got cancelled – the one that God reserved for our vacation – had the only just-right-burnt orange Adirondack chair – my chair! And yes, by now I’ve had a cup of coffee and a nap in my chair!

I don’t go big on coincidence. I’ve had too many things happen like this one to chalk it up to mere coincidence. It has become my conviction that God is in the details. His finger prints are all over this stuff. I brought it to Wayne’s attention about the lone burnt orange chair and he smiled like he always does at my childlike faith but he nodded his agreement when I added tearfully “God knows I notice little things like that, doesn’t He.”

You might be interested in knowing that upon hearing that little story a friend presented me with the gift of a just-right burnt orange Adirondack chair. Guess what I think about every time I sit in it. J

Tuesday, 24 February 2015


So, last summer we had plans; such plans we had - plans for a really great and much needed break. Our favorite cottage rental was booked and we were ready. Then a “ministry moment” happened and our plans had to take a back seat to God’s plans. Let me tell you how it all went down…

It is July and summer seems to be moving along at a decent clip. We are vacationing today. Actually it started Wednesday and today is Saturday but today we left town and hit the road for our annual getaway. Something came up and kept us stationary for the first few days. We remained near home and reachable for the necessary time although we did fit in some vacation-type activities; including a fantastic day exploring the other side of the Peninsula from where we live - Conche was especially scenic. A fabulous  fish dinner and some super awesome snapshots made up for staying close to home. We did have to cancel original plans; the hardest being the cottage week that we had so desperately needed and had reserved months ahead to be sure we got what we needed. It’s not always easy to get good cottage accommodations in the height of the tourist season so we did what had to be done. Then the Lord began working a plan that we were part of so we had to stay around and stay engaged while it worked itself out. Again we did what had to be done and cancelled the cottage. Oh, but that hurt.

Finally we got word that we had a few days clearance so we went to the Web and did some browsing. We have an unofficial NorPen Bucket List of things we want to do before we leave the Coast. For 20 years a cottage rental at Mountain Waters Resort has been riding high on that list BUT what are the chances of getting a cottage rental on a salmon river in the height of the run, with one day’s notice, on the weekend? Well, that depends on who’s in charge of your itinerary and this year God has made it clear that He is! I got the number online and worked up nerve enough to call. I gave the dates we had free and a stunned voice on the other end said “WHAT?” I’m thinking “oh well, there goes that” when the voice says “how lucky are you! I just that minute had a cancellation for those dates and it’s the only thing we have free for the entire summer.” I booked but not because I’m lucky; rather because I am blessed. God held that cabin for us because He knew long before us exactly when we’d need it. We worked out the details to leave there and visit with family and friends (which was part of the original plan) for a few days but on the other side of that we’ve still got days to fill and no place to go.  
Back to the internet first thing in the a.m. I string about 8-10 possible websites across the top of my browser. The last tab catches my attention so we go there first. It’s perfect but it’s a prime tourist locale and its July and we are just days from needing it. One cottage stands out and we want IT! I figure it can’t hurt to ask; the worst they can say is “sorry.” I place the call and give my dates. Again a stunned voice says “WHAT? Can you give me those dates again?” And then, “Wow, Are you lucky! I just got off the phone. I had a cancellation for those exact dates otherwise we are booked solid through the season.” My eyes are swimming in pools of water by the word “cancellation” but I managed to squeak out an “awesome.” “YES!” came the quick reply, “that is awesome and it’s for the very cabin you wanted. Come on and if you need anything at all you can drop by my house and get it.” You have got to love the Newfoundland hospitality industry! And in case you didn’t notice – I’m not lucky – I’m blessed! God held yet another cottage for us because He knew our timetable when we didn’t.

I’m simple like that and I love that I am. We gave up something we wanted and the break we needed for something God wanted from us and He went ahead and planned something bigger and better. As I write this I’m happily sitting in Cottage #3 (which has its own story to tell) at our God-chosen resort and it is everything we loved about our original cottage rental only more and better. Did I mention that God threw in a salmon river for Wayne and a sandy beach for me? God is so awesome! I am so filled with awe at His orchestration of our lives and that He cares enough to tend to the little details that say “Joy, I am paying attention! And I love you, Girl!”

P.S. Keep an eye out for the story of Cabin #3!