From My Pen...

I'm a journaler. I like to journal about life, love and my Lord. I also love technology but busyness keeps me from being as tech-savvy as I'd like to be. This blog gives me a chance to play computer and learn a few new tricks along the way; all the while serving as my 21st century journal. A journaler is just a writer by another name and writing defines me almost as much as my faith does. I've always had a desire to blend my faith and my writing into a ministry of encouragement. This blog gives birth to that desire. Be blessed as you read these weekly devotions taken from the pages of my old-fashioned journal.

Monday, 18 July 2016


One nibble leads to another and another! When I really digest the fact that the all-powerful creator of the universe knows me intimately and loves me completely I am awestruck. Jesus, I want you to know that you satisfy me so completely that I just can’t get enough of you!

I would never want to disrespect my Lord by likening Him to some temporal tidbit but at times the temporal can serve as an object lesson and so I’ll risk it. Everyone has a favorite sweet treat. A certain husband of mine – who shall remain nameless – has several. As for me my favorite treat is potato chips - Lay’s, low-sodium, rippled-variety - especially. When I crave them the only solution is to have a few else I would over eat a million other things to try and satisfy my craving (hyperbole intended). When I get them I am satisfied until I see another bag.

That’s, sort of, what I’m like with Jesus except He is so much more satisfying!!! I get overwhelming cravings to spend time with Him. And if I don’t I can do a million other things to fill my time and still feel empty. Then I get where He is and every longing is satisfied until I walk past my Bible, or hear a worship song that beckons my soul, or hear His gentle whisper to “come” and then the longing rises up in me again and I want more of Him; all of Him and I get where He is and it begins all over again for I have tasted and seen that the Lord is good! (Psalm 34:8)

Just Joy