From My Pen...

I'm a journaler. I like to journal about life, love and my Lord. I also love technology but busyness keeps me from being as tech-savvy as I'd like to be. This blog gives me a chance to play computer and learn a few new tricks along the way; all the while serving as my 21st century journal. A journaler is just a writer by another name and writing defines me almost as much as my faith does. I've always had a desire to blend my faith and my writing into a ministry of encouragement. This blog gives birth to that desire. Be blessed as you read these weekly devotions taken from the pages of my old-fashioned journal.

Monday, 26 January 2015


I can hardly believe I've been blogging for nearly four years. I have so enjoyed ministering to you through Joyful Reflections. Its been good for you and me both. But its time! Time for me to take some "down time" - at least from blogging. Joyful Reflections has been front and center on my "to do list" from its inception but I am feeling the need to take a sabbatical from regular blogging. Rather than shut down I am leaving the blog "as is" for now. That means you can scroll to the bottom of my page, visit the archives, and reread your favorites. I have prayed that these ramblings of mine will continue to minister to whomever needs it whenever. Blessings!
Just Joy